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First & foremost, welcome up North! We can't tell you how thrilled we are to be hosting your North Shore getaway. 

Below are the details regarding the cabin. This is an off-grid cabin as listed in our profile. Please be sure to read all of the house details & FAQ listed on the cabin's profile.


Special occasion? Enjoy our concierge services such as laundry, mid-stay cleans, celebration packages, early check in/out, fresh flowers, World's Best Donut's delivery and more! 

Visit the link below to see all that we have to offer and make your stay truly special: 

Patagonia Cabin Handbook



Juani  218-264-9818

Stevie  218-264-9787


House Rules

  • No pets. Any pet hair or odor will result in a $500 fee.

  • Guest use loft bedroom and steep ladder access at their own risk.

  • No smoking: (cigarette, vapes or marijuana) in or near the cabin.Any odor will result in a $500 fee.

  • No events, parties, or loud music allowed.

  • Damages: Any damages during your stay will be required to be paid in full. 

  • No shoes in the house.

  • Outhouse: Anything that is thrown down the toilet hole besides human waste or toilet paper will result in a $100 fine. 

  • Parties & Visitors: No events, parties, or loud music allowed. People other than those in the Guest's party may not stay overnight at the Property. All of the Guest's visitors are the sole responsibility of the Guest. 3rd party/professional photoshoots must have consent from the owners first.

  • Occupancy: 2 guests max occupancy. ​​​​Not suitable for children and infants.

  • Fires & Grill: Fires are only allowed in the fire-pit. No fires outside of the pit under any circumstance. An active fire must never be left unattended until it is completely out.The propane grill cannot be moved and must never be left unattended while in use. Use of candles is prohibited.

  • Storms: No refunds will be given due to weather or road conditions unless permitted in the Cancellation Policy. Gravel drives are maintained; however, we highly recommend four wheel drive and/or chains during the snow months. We do not refund due to inclement weather or road conditions. 

  • Access: Guests must allow Property Owner and staff access to the cabin for purposes of repair and inspection. Property Owner(s) and staff will exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner and give 24-hours’ notice except in the case of an emergency.

Directions & Parking

3113 East Highway 61 Grand Marais, MN 55604*Google Maps doesn't always get the pin correct as it is a new address. 

From Grand Marais, go north on HWY 61 for 9 miles to Colvill then turn left onto 3113 (blue fire number on side of highway). Our entrance is on the right entrance of the two roads, not the entrance with the black cedar gate. Drive up the dirt road driveway up the hill until you see the cabin at the left of the fork at the top of the hill.


The driveway is plowed and maintained however it steep. We recommend a 4/AWD vehicle. If for any reason guests cannot make it up the driveway, guests are fully responsible for removing the vehicle from the driveway to leave it clear for other traffic. Guests can also park at the bottom of the hill  (LEFT & RIGHT OUTER ENTRANCE OF DRIVEWAY) just in front of the first cabin you see at the left of the driveway entrance if worried about driving up hill. Please pull all the way into the lower cabin driveway without blocking other traffic if you use the lower lot.


Parking spaces are just behind the cabin. Please do not try to turn cars around or park next to the outhouse space just beside the cabin. Use the lower lot to back-out and turn around. 



Check-in: Anytime after 4 PM
Checkout: Anytime before 11 AM (Cleaners will arrive to the cabin at 11am)


You can let yourself in the home at anytime after 4pm on your check-in date. 


Key Code: 1717

The cabin has a key code pad above the door handle. Punch in the code & click the unlock button. 


Drinking & Wash Water


We have drinking water in the two blue jugs that are provided. If you need more please contact us in advance to arrange replenishing the jugs for you if they run low during your stay (not common). Typically 2 gallons will last 2 days per couple.

Wash Water: Rain barrels catch all wash water in warmer months. This water is not suitable for drinking. In the winter you can melt snow on the stovetop (not the fireplace).

**Winter Months: Nov-April guests provide their own drinking and wash water due to freezing temps. 2 gallons/day is typically what is used.


Fire Pit


There is a Solo fire pit located on the back steps of the cabin. BYO wood which can also be purchased in town in bundles. DO NOT throw axe into or strip bark off the trees. This will kill the trees. Some guests have done this and we kindly ask that you get deadfall for kindling on the ground.

Solar Power & Lighting


There is a solar powered system supporting the lighting for the cabin. The solar powered battery pack can be used to charge small electronics such as phones and possibly a computer. There is a Halo battery pack which can be used as a backup for cloudy days. 

*There are two battery powered string lights on the beams above the bed in the loft for night lighting. Extra batteries are in the white bin below kitchen counter.

Do not use the gas lamp under any circumstance. It is a fire hazard with the curtains.

Outdoor Shower


Heat the water on the stovetop in a large pot. You can then mix to the desired temperature for showering with the cold water. 



Items Provided

+ Dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, kettle & all basic necessities for cooking.
+ All Linens & Towels
+ Gas Fireplace
+ 2 Burner Gas Stove
+Ground Coffee, tea & hot cocoa

+ 2 Pairs of Snowshoes (winter only)

+ Cooler
+ Brick Fire Pit
+ Hammock (summer only)

*Please do not set ANY items including pots for melting water, etc on fireplace top. Use cook stove top for melting snow.


Consider to Pack:

-Drinking & Wash Water (Winter Months): Nov-April guests provide their own drinking and wash water due to freezing temps. 2 gallons/day is typically what is used. -House shoes for inside the cabin. Please do not wear outside shoes in the cabin.

-Shower shoes/crocs for outdoor shower use in warmer months.

-Headlamps or a flashlight for extra lighting. Patagonia Cabin is in a dark sky sanctuary meaning you’ll have the chance to see the most stars of your life and possibly even the aurora borealis. For that reason our lighting outside is kept at a minimum.


-Clean & put away all dishes.
-Take all items out of cooler outside. 
-Turn down the thermostat to 60 degrees (winter months).
-Turn off all lights.
-Lock the door
-Feel free to send courtesy message to us that you checked out okay.



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